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Longing -Divine Intercourse -Making Love

There is that longing for unification and completeness.

We do not know from where it comes. In the flesh, we search for that soul mate, the other, in desire born from driven longing deep within our souls. We search outside ourselves. In a Wiccan magick ritual, it is the athame dipped into the cup. We play many roles in our identities throughout our lives as we look for our soul mate. We perhaps find that soul mate or two or three and can’t get “no satisfaction”. Why? Because the true longing is for unification and completeness with Self.

When I began seriously writing novels years ago, they were in erotica and romance with characters that had deep core issues. Their completeness was found in one another healing their fragments in the soft violence coming apart and coming together of making love. What I self-realized the past few months while studying astrology and deeply into the first house of identity is that the one, The Other, that I have longed and searched for is my True Self. I have been exploring this in my Astrology, and Astrology within Alice in Wonderland. Most likely, I will explore in my astrological chart for awhile opening to more of that which is my role identity and my Self. Therefore, more storytelling is forthcoming. And what better time than coming home to and making love with Self on the cusp of the New Moon in Cancer co-joining the Sun in Cancer?

What is divine Intercourse and making love? What is within and what is expressed in the cyclic Life Flow and the Divine Creative Source? How may these be, then, co-joined within communion and orgasm within yourSelf?

Intercourse may be likened to an interchange of feeling and communication. The word ‘intercourse’ is a very old word and long ago it meant communication. If you find books that were written over 100 years ago, you will read the word ‘intercourse’ liberally used and meaning communicating, communication. What I am speaking about and meaning concerning divine intercourse is the intercourse between a human and God as to True Self. How’s that? What does intercourse between a human and God (Divine Creative Source) mean? Spiritual connection and communion that which is spiritual ecstasy. God (Divine Creative Source) moving within your being as a divine tongue of fire. The communion, the intercourse, is not what we think as having a discourse or discussion. This is a language of feeling and love. Imagine, if we truly understood that with divine intercourse it is with our true selves.


Anna Surface

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